Monday, March 22, 2010

One Room at a Time

Things are coming together. This weekend we continued our battle against the box. We now have a dinning room and as it is the room you first enter into the apartment having it come together has done a lot for our sanity.
This weekend was beautiful so my guy spent a good portion of it doing his best to clear out the back porch from the previous tenants crazy plantings and such. We also battled a good 60 lbs of laundry to the laundry mat. Thank goodness we have a car!! and I have a strong guy.I don't think I have done that much laundry in one big batch since my college days.
So we are now clean and have a lovely dinning room and bedroom (I have pictures of that too but it is on the other camera so you will all have to wait)
Next up the living room.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Living Arrangement

This is my life right now. We moved in last Saturday post blizzard and my guy had to leave for a trip on Monday so i have been roughing it for the last few days. It isn't too bad. A couple nights ago I dug around and found some key items: a plate, a bowl, a small pot and my underwear. We are sleeping in the dinning room right now and the bed is my safe haven and really only surface to sit on.
This weekend we are hoping to get a rug for the bedroom so we can move the bed into there- I think it will give us a much needed sense of normalcy.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We've Moved

Well we are sleeping in the living room and our headboard is boxes. I have a make shift nightstand of more boxes and I am lucky I can get dressed in the morning to get to work but we have moved. All of our stuff (and how did we get so much?) is all in one place! We now live in a cardboard box paradise.
I would send pictures but I seem to have packed the cord to the camera so for now you must all trust me when I say we have moved and there is now a mountain of boxes. I am thinking of never unpacking- it takes too much energy to pack and if we ever move again, which I assume we will at some point it seems better that we just leave it all this way.