Sunday, March 10, 2013

Your inside look at how my brain works

Apparently I am all about the pattern making up these days but thought you all might have a look into the inner workings of my brain. For reasons slightly unknown I decided to make baby socks...partially because yet again everyone I know is pregnant and then I saw a baby wearing super cute socks and then there is my slight addiction to making socks that I may or may not have mentioned before. One long winter in vermont I made almost 100 pairs. In fairness it was a long cold winter. So I made up this super cute baby sock pattern this weekend. And the thing about socks is that they have to match so you better keep notes. I keep notes on whatever piece of junk mail is close at hand. I thought you all might like to see my crazy note system.
I promise to post pictures of said super cute baby sock and pattern soon.