Sunday, February 22, 2009

More Mini Granny Squares

I thought I would take a few quite moments to share with you all that despite the new job I have still been crafting. Maybe not as much as I would like to but I am keeping true to my roots.
Anyway I have been working on the mini granny square project. I still don't know what it is going to be when it is grown up but I feel I will know it when it gets there. The top picture is of the new addition to the project. I went to the yarn store in search of more yarn for this crazy project (I know that kinda defeats the whole purpose of making something to use up yarn, but I used up all that yarn and needed more...) I added two new and somewhat darker colors. I am not sure what I think but I will keep you posted.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cookies for Sale

The great cookie experiment has failed. My coworkers did not eat a single cookie. In fact they barely grunted when I offered them around and than they gave them to a guy down the hall who was already nice to me and does not even work in my department.
So much for cookies equaling love.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Trying to Get All My Blogging in Before the Work Week...

I know I promised to work on the long list of crafting resolutions but I really needed a project that was quick and gave me some instant gratification. Fact is I believe you should always have at least one or two easy projects around while your working on the sticky ones.
So I cut this Linoleum block tonight while half watching trashy movies. It is my first linoleum block and I am quite excited. But we will have to wait to see how it turns out because I can't find my roller. So the print will be a mystery...well until I buy a roller this week.

How to Win Friends and Influence People with Cookies?

I usually separate my real world life from my happy crafting world but I am going to divulge a little today. I work in the crazy world of medical research (no not on animals so please don't start sending me hate mail you might just push me over the edge). I started my new job this week at a prestigious hospital in the city with over 10,000 employees on the "main campus". It is overwhelming to say the least.
The biggest change is that I now work with lab folk and not psychologist although my job is very similar to the last my work environment is very different. For one thing I have a window, which is really cool. For another thing I have to wear a lab coat because my desk is in a lab. The coat is odd and kinda smells and is made of some very strange not identifiable material.
The biggest change in working in a lab environment vs a clinical psyc area is the people. They don't talk; I mean really ever. Now I know I complained bitterly that people at my previous job talked way too much but..they don't say good morning or good night and if you ask them a question they look at you like you are some sort of alien. Mind you most of these people choose to work in a lab to avoid human contact but still...I haven't even been able to tell if all of them speak English as a first langue becasue I haven't heard their voices.
But I digress. I make hands down the best Chocholate Chip/Coconut/Walnut cookies ever. This is not bragging just the truth and if you need references I am sure I can provide a more than a few. I am making a batch now as a thank you for one of my old bosses who helped get me this new job and I am wondering if cookies can bring me love in the lab? Any thoughts? My guy thinks it might be too quick for socially phobic lab folks but I think cookies bring love, right? Or at least someone appreciateion so that they tell you how to find the bathroom.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

One Square Shy

Well it has been an interesting week; I started my new job this week which is a bit overwhelming and has been keeping me from crafting. However, I did manage a big push last weekend on Hunter's quilt.
Of course nothing ever goes perfectly notice anything missing? That's right- one square shy. How I miss counted when I was cutting last weekend I am not sure but alas that is how the cookie crumbles.
With a nap and a little luck I will have the top sewn together this weekend.