Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cottage Cheese Pancakes

I have always thought it somewhat amusing that most craft blogs turn to food at some point but I guess it makes sense. Most crafters like to create and make things and food fits into that.
I have been thinking a lot about childhood comfort food. Probably because I just read angry chicken's blog front to back and she talks a lot about feeding her kids right. And maybe some of it is because my mom has been having a hard time lately and that make me think of those old favorites dishes she use to make us when we were having a hard time.
I have no idea where she got the recipe for cottage cheese pancakes but I do know that I am glad that I know it and can share it with all of you.
Cottage cheese pancakes are light and fluffy and you don't really notice the curd of the cottage cheese once they are cooked. What you get is a pancake that isn't doughy. You can eat them with syrup but I eat them plain.

1 egg
1tbsp of cottage cheese
a smidgen of flour (maybe a tsp if you have to know the exact amount)
a pinch of salt
**One egg makes about 3 pancakes

Separate the egg so you have the white in one bowl and the yoke in another. Beat the egg white till it peaks. We aren't making a meringue here just a soft peak. (As a kid this was always my job. And somehow I managed to inherit the best kids whisk of all time which I still use, and I am now hoping my sister won't be jealous I have)

Combined the yoke, cottage cheese, flour and salt. I use whole wheat flour because it is what I always have on hand but as kids it was white flour and I am sure gluten free stuff would work too. As my mother tells it the flour is just there to help things stick together. Having accidentally left it out once I can say she wasn't lying- it still works but things get a bit messy and less pancake shaped.
Fold the whites into the cottage cheese mixture. This isn't supper fussy folding just make sure you don't mix it to well and undo all that egg white beating.
Cook on a greased skillet until golden brown. They can be a bit hard to flip but rest assured they are still yummy even if they break apart.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Out of Order

So you can all tell that A: blogspot and I don't always love each other and B: I started this post a wee bit ago only to try to just publish now so go here which is really just one post away to see the kick ass placemat tutorial I just posted (even if it thinks I wrote it in July)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Britex Fabrics: oh my

On our recent trip to San Fransisco I got to wander around a magical, albeit a bit pricey, fabric store extravaganza: Britex Fabrics. My very cool guy found it in a guide book and was kind enough to drop me off at the front door for what turned out to be an hour and a half of wandering and petting. I was like Alice in the rabbit hole and thought I was there a mere 30 minutes. To be fair there are 4 floors of goodness!
The top floor is all reminents. I pawed through the racks organized by fiber content and fell in love more then once. I feel I had some majopr restaint and only bought what I felt I couldn't get back home easily and some major yardage of a lovely print that was on sale.