Thursday, May 19, 2011

a wee sweater for a wee girl

It has been a heck of a few months. Both my guy and I lost grandmothers, we had a birth in the family (more on this), a whole bunch of family drama unrelated to the passing and coming of folks and because I think I may be crazy I decided to apply to a graduate school program. It has been a few months of complete chaos. The kind of chaos where you can barely manage to get yourself out the door in the morning and you find you need to check that you are wearing shoes if you do.
So in the middle of all of this chaos we had a wee one enter with a big splash. I was prepared for her arrival and made this in advance.

But she had to come early, really early. My guy’s cousin was induced 2 months early because of complications. I am happy to report that baby and mama are doing well. The little one is the smallest little one I have ever met just over 3 lbs when she came into the world. I felt like she needed all the extra love she could get which means a wee so small you can’t believe this isn’t for a teddy bear sweater and hat. Maybe the only good thing I can say about someone being so wee is that you can actually worry knit an entire sweater in a day.

I have to give heaps of complements now to Bev of Bev’s Country Cottage who has a whole bunch of patterns for premies of all sizes. Thank you Bev for providing such an important service!