Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Home Is Where Your Bernina Is

Last weekend my guy and I went to the Brooklyn Guild's quilt show. My guys mother is the president, thank you very much, so we got the special tour.
What can I say I was inspired. I realized just how much i missed spending time with Tim Gunn (the sewing machine). My sewing/craft room is far from being operational so with special household permission bestowed on me by my guy Tim and I hit the dinning room table. And as you can see we had some fun.
This is a quilt for Ms. Chloe who was born last August so I really need to get a move on! I am in a bit of a quilter's debtors prison so I need to get a move on here so I can start the next two!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Great Outdoors

In New York City any outdoor space is good, a fire escape or access to a roof but a porch well that is prime real estate! And our new apartment has not one but TWO yes two porches. Of course they came with the mess that the previous tenant left in the rest of the house. Below is the back porch minus 25 garbage bags of you name it.

And this is the porch before my guy made it his mission in life to clean it up...

After a few more garbage days we should have the back porch entirely cleared out and ready for spring. My guy simply can't choose between the convenience of a gas grill or the quality of a charcoal grill and so he has chosen to have both.
The plan is to try to start planting in two weeks- and the first of many bbq...soon to come