Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Thimble is a Girl's Best Friend

I haven't been writing about how much I have been working on Hunter's quilt because I can't hand stitch and type at the same time.
I am happy to report that Hunter's quilt is done and has been safely transported to England by my guy (I threatened him plenty before entrusting all that work to him. I made him put it in his carry on and gave him my father's traditional warning of "you're in charge, don't screw up").
I have been working on it so much that now that it is gone I am not sure what to do with myself. Truth be told I kinda miss it.
Once I managed to finish the last square the rest went pretty well. I was hoping that the backing fabric could be simply rolled over the edge to finish it but life is never that simple. The backing came up sort and of course I started hand quilting it, yes hand quilting it, before I realize it was on a bit of an angle.
I haven't figured out how to do a binding edge properly yet (despite the placemat project) but I am pretty good of finding my way out of the trouble I find my way into; I had enough of the center green fabric to add an edging to the backing fabric and that allowed me to do the roll over binding I was hoping to do.

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Sara said...

Beautiful!! Thank you for posting pics of Hunter's quilt, I've been waiting! It's really gorgeous. Glad to hear you DO have a thimble!!!!