Sunday, August 2, 2009

Boogie Shoes

Anyone who may doubt my craft-o-holic nature here is the proof.

I decided that I needed to add a little craftiness to our wedding so I am now gluing rhinestones to a pair of shoes making them my most expensive shoes ever and truly my boogie shoes.
They are a pair of ballet flats from skechers. I have finished one and it took about 1,500 rhinestones, but boy it was fun! I still have to paint the edge and strap so it blends but this should give you an idea.


Jennifer said...

Wow! These are awesome! They're like Ruby Slippers, only Sapphire! I love 'em!!! (from Jen from NYU) I'm in awe of your craftiness!

Sara said...

Dude, they ROCK!

Tatiana said...

I was thinking the same thing--as they say in the Wizard of Oz, you always had the power all along you just had to believe in it!