Monday, October 19, 2009

Sheep and Wool

here is my bounty from sheep and wool this year:

Now I know what you all are thinking does that girl really need more yarn? The answer is clearly no followed by a big old yes!
My guy and I spent a lovely weekend upstate with friends and sheep and wool. I am feeling proud I didn't bring a border collie home.
Yes that is a swift you see in the middle. I have one, of course, but it is not New York apartment size friendly and I fear concussion every time I take it out. This one is compact and cute and folds up quite nicely.
I also bought some of my favorite wool in the world (left/center) from mostly merino in Vermont. It has a lovely loft and is simply a joy to knit with.
The big mass of wool on the right side is from a lovely woman in Maine that does sea dyeing and will become my new hubby's sweater. He is very excited because until now I have refused to make him a sweater because of the sweater curse.
Never heard of the sweater curse before? Well this is told to all young girls learning to knit, and hopefully now young boys too. The curse said in hushed tones is simple: never make a sweater for a man unless you are married to him, otherwise you will break up with him before it is finished and never meet another man with the same measurements again. This has been repeated to me so often that I have to take it as true. And so one month after the wedding I had a very excited guy heading to sheep and wool with me knowing that a sweater could finally be made.

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