Saturday, November 21, 2009

Babies, babies everywhere

On Thursday two new little ones came into my life. My dear friends in California had the lovely Amelia and my sister-in-law had James.
I am very behind on my welcome to the world baby things. I still haven't finished Miss Chloe's quilt and she is now 2 months old, but i think that you have at least the first 6 months on quilts because babies just spit up a lot in those first few months so it is better to wait (that is what I am telling myself so hold your tongue if you think they need one at birth!)
I did want to make James a little something quick. He has a very excited first time grandma that has filled the house with quilts and clothing so it was a bit of a challenge to think of something but she pointed out that she doesn't know how to make sweaters and so the baby surprise jacket came to the rescue. I sewed up those two seams 3 time; once because I had one selves going on way from the other, once because it looked bad and once because it turns out I am a perfectionist.
I found some buttons in my stash so this is ready to go when I meet James, with a little luck that will be tomorrow.
Here is the finished product:

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Sara said...

Oh, now that's just gorgeous! Perfect.