Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Legwamers: fashion forward or fashion Flashdance?

Last weekend I headed down to NC for some time with my adopted grandmother and let’s face it highs in the 50’s was a welcome weather change. The trip gave me a chance for some quality knitting time and I was able to finish up my legwarmers.

These are based on this pair over at pearl bee. There pattern is for a size small (and they aren’t kidding) so I added 2 repeats. I started following the alternating rib pattern but I guess I got distracted because pretty quickly it became a floating rib creating this great diagonal pattern. It is a 3 row repeat of k2p2- which means you knit 2 purl 2 for three rows and then move over one stitch. At the transition some rows may only have 2 rows and some may have 4 but don’t worry it all works itself out.

So now you all have to be honest with me, are they too 80’s? I may be a working girl but I don’t want to relive the movie! I am thinking that between the color and the fact that I plan on having them cover my legs and not slouch down over my ankles I’m okay, but be honest with me people am I bring Flashdance style back?


Mummyzilla said...

I like them - not too flashdance at all. I wish I had the time to knit all the things I like.

Sara said...

Totally love them, and the diagonal rib is fabulous. Plus, a particularly good color. All good!!

Mahka Crafts said...

So far so good- I haven't left the house in the legwarmers yet but when wearing them at home I also haven't had the need to cut all the necks out of my t-shirts