Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ding Dong the Couch is Dead

I am up and running in full holiday mood, otherwise known as Mahka’s little sweatshop. Our living room has experienced a bit of a craft explosion, fortunately my guy is tolerating it so far. I still can’t show off my latest work but I thought I would share our big news, no I am not pregnant. I have however, managed to shed a large blob in my life. For those of you who haven’t been following the couch saga let me fill you in: two years ago my guy and I moved into this apartment and we needed a couch. At the time I had the world most annoying coworker (no really she is worse then anyone you worked with!) she liked to stand for hours (really hours) on end rambling on and on. Usually I kept one earpod in and listened to music while she went on about whatever thing it was that had got her panties in a bunch, mostly how overworked she was even though as far as I could tell her main job was to stand at my desk and complain. Anyway, it turns out if you stand and talk at me non stop for days I will agree to take large pieces of furniture to get you to go away.
Enter the world’s ugliest couches. Yes there were two; a couch and a loveseat. They were originally yellow and then covered in a green flower print. The couch was in bad shape and it smelled. Yes, that’s what I said it smelled. I spent a lot of time and energy trying to turn these couches into something we could live with. I bought many slipcovers, batting, filling and countless rolls of duct tape. I spent hours contemplating the odd shape of the couch that defied slip covers. Finally a friend convinced me that our lives would be far better without the bad ju ju and so we got a new lovely couch and sent the old ugly bad ju ju smelly couch to the dump.
What I haven’t told you all is the story of the ugly stepchild loveseat which we had shoved into a corner of our bedroom. In all fairness it was in far better shape then the couch and it didn’t smell too bad. We felt wrong about tossing it so we tried to give it away. It turns out it is harder to give away furniture then you might think. We posted it on craigslist and had several people say they were coming to get it only to not show up. But last weekend we did it! We reclaimed our bedroom and got rid of the loveseat. Now we are trying to figure out what to do with the big space left behind. Bad ju ju be gone!

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Tatiana said...

gooooood riddance!