Sunday, February 8, 2009

How to Win Friends and Influence People with Cookies?

I usually separate my real world life from my happy crafting world but I am going to divulge a little today. I work in the crazy world of medical research (no not on animals so please don't start sending me hate mail you might just push me over the edge). I started my new job this week at a prestigious hospital in the city with over 10,000 employees on the "main campus". It is overwhelming to say the least.
The biggest change is that I now work with lab folk and not psychologist although my job is very similar to the last my work environment is very different. For one thing I have a window, which is really cool. For another thing I have to wear a lab coat because my desk is in a lab. The coat is odd and kinda smells and is made of some very strange not identifiable material.
The biggest change in working in a lab environment vs a clinical psyc area is the people. They don't talk; I mean really ever. Now I know I complained bitterly that people at my previous job talked way too much but..they don't say good morning or good night and if you ask them a question they look at you like you are some sort of alien. Mind you most of these people choose to work in a lab to avoid human contact but still...I haven't even been able to tell if all of them speak English as a first langue becasue I haven't heard their voices.
But I digress. I make hands down the best Chocholate Chip/Coconut/Walnut cookies ever. This is not bragging just the truth and if you need references I am sure I can provide a more than a few. I am making a batch now as a thank you for one of my old bosses who helped get me this new job and I am wondering if cookies can bring me love in the lab? Any thoughts? My guy thinks it might be too quick for socially phobic lab folks but I think cookies bring love, right? Or at least someone appreciateion so that they tell you how to find the bathroom.

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