Monday, July 6, 2009

The Next Quilt

So I know I have been a very bad blogger lately, in my defense it is mostly due to the fact that our home camera seems to have disappeared into the vortex that surrounds my guy and I am stuck begging and borrowing his work camera which also requires finding the special card reader thing to convert the files and means I have to take pics on the weekend when there is light. oh and we are also getting married which seems to be taking over a large portion of my life.
Anyway here is the next quilt for my good friends Emily and Mary Ellen. They are due at the beginning of September so I am feeling quit smug to have it so far along already. Emily's favorite color is blue and Mary Ellen loves purple so this felt like a good compromise. The top is half finished and now it is sitting on top of my sewing machine mocking me whenever I walk by. I am co-hosting the shower in two weeks and I think I am done racing through quilts- I want to enjoy this one so I think I am going to give it to them in August.


Tatiana said...

Looks great! I'm sure it will be a home run.

Sara said...

Wowee, this one's gorgeous -- what lucky babies your friends have. Milo was just resting his little sleepy head against your quilt (before he revved up again, and took his mama for an exhausing ride of nope-never-gonna-sleep, until he collapsed). Now I'm going to rest my sleepy head against your quilt (it's currently residing on the glider, just at the right spot for sleepy-head-resting).