Monday, July 27, 2009

Perfection Is Not the Goal

So as many of you know I am getting married this fall and my lovely sister designed us the most beautiful cards which I mailed this morning thank you very much.
Because we are getting married at the same place my parents recently had there 50th wedding anniversary party I was able to reuse some of the stuff my sister designed for them- i.e. the map and directions. And as I began to print and cut them I remembered how much I hated them last time because the type face causes an optical illusion when you are cutting them so no matter what you do it always looks a little off. My guy was running other errands yesterday morning while I struggled to cut these darn thing to the high standards I was raised with. And let me stop right here and say that I think that there must be some priority mix up in my life that I don't own a guillotine cutter.
When I was at the point of tears I stopped took a deep breath and said my new mantra: perfection is not the goal here. I even made a large sign that read this and hung it over the cutting table. After that things went much better.

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Tatiana said...

I think I need that sign too...!