Wednesday, March 19, 2008

And so it begins...

After spending the last several months threatening to create a craft blog I have taken the leap. I just left a job that I was very good at but wasn’t so good for me. My solution: quit and buy a Bernina. Here you will find the tales of a girl and her sewing machine, which incidentally I named Tim Gunn, and any other craft project that caught my eye recently. I am also a ferocious knitter which I try to keep in check so that my wrists and I can remain friends.

Picking my first project to post is harder then I thought. I realize that there has been a progression and a big learning curve to many of my projects. I am also someone that needs to have a couple projects going at once in case one gets frustrating or tedious.

With that in mind I give you the beast.

I have been working on and off and off again on the beast for over 4 years now. But I feel we are finally in the home stretch. Of course once the crocheting is done the real work begins as I procrastinate sewing in all those ends. I might as well state this right up front, I hate finishing projects. I hate sewing in ends and blocking knitting. I have been known to let a small and large quilting projects languish for months or years as I put off the actual finishing. I am hoping that having a blog will encourage me to finish some of this finishing I have hidden in the closet.

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Sara said...

The beast is beautiful! As for sewing in ends, good lord, I can't count the number of unintentionally-fringed semi-finished knitting projects I have languishing in drawers... Really, someone ought to be organizing parades and giving keys to the city for finishing big projects like that (right? right).