Friday, June 6, 2008

Coaster Love

My new sewing addiction is coasters. Some might argue that my love of coasters comes from growing up with lots of wood furniture and coaster demanding parents, but I think my addiction really start because of Denyse Schmidt’s mix-it-up cocktail coasters. I made them with a friend last summer for a mutual friend’s wedding (yet again I don’t have a photo- I really have to get better about documenting things).

Coasters are the perfect project, they are small and achievable and you can machine sew or hand stitch them. I started by making some hand quilted dove coasters and recent moved on to these fun guys.

They are Ikea kid’s sheets. The sheets have big numbers on them but cut up they are very modern. I have been hand quilting around the color blocks on the subway and then machine stitching the outer edge on my machine. A word to the wise, if you are going to make these and plan to machine stitch them, pay attention to the fabric weave. In other words make sure the top and bottom stretch goes in the same direction or machine stitching will not be fun! Also make the inner batting a little smaller then the whole.

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