Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Modular Crochet Sweater

Have I told you all the tale of the modular sweater? This all goes back to the great Rev. Callie or as I like to think of her the goddess of crochet. Many moons ago someone lent her this great book on modular crochet and she made herself the yummiest sweater ever. Several of us have been drooling over this sweater for many years. Unfortunately the book is out of print and used copies cost a bit more then any of us were willing to pay. A plan was hatched, we all chipped in and bought the book and decided we would each make a sweater, meeting over the winter to help each other along.

At first I was clearly lagging behind as they all diligently worked on the first few pieces. I didn’t want to start another big crochet project with the beast still needing work. But then, I admit it, I was shamed into starting. And then in my truly obsessive style I made the body a long weekend, that’s a lot of half double crochets. I worked on it so much I ended up aggravating my wrists and had to stop.

All that is left is the arms but somehow that proved more then my brain or hands could make work. I tried a couple false starts to get the arms started but they never seemed right and were always lumpy in the underarm. If it were knitting, I would have more options in my arsenal but I am more timid with crochet. I thought about just knitting the sleeves but thought it might look funny.

Finally I packed it up and took it to a craft night were in mere minutes my friend Katy, who knows way more about crochet then I do, declared I needed to shorten my stitches under the arm and all would be fine. Such a simple solution with such big results; I am happy to report that the arms now lay flat and I am back on track. I will have to get my guy to take a picture of it on me cause it is far less square when worn.

I would also like to point out that I am now far ahead of all those who shamed me into to starting. They seem to have moved on to shinier projects. Of course it may also have to do with the fact that very few people are crazy enough to work with large bits of wool in humid 80 degree weather. What can I say; it takes a special breed of craft-o-holic.

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Sara said...

It's beyootiful!

Oh, d*mn, I still owe you $ for that xerox myself!