Saturday, August 9, 2008

Olympic Fever

My guy and I were talking a couple weeks ago about how exciting the Olympics were to us as kids. We both remember watching them with our parents, but in the last few years of our adult lives the Olympics have lost there intrigue. Neither of us were really sure why; more TV channels, more sports doping or maybe it is a bit of the “been there, done that’s”. Whatever the case, we decided to try to actively catch Olympic fever. For me this consisted of reading the supplementary NY Times magazine on the Olympics. So far it has worked. I was very excited to see Michael Phelps Win this morning, and it wasn’t just because he was wearing on of those cool new Speedos that are welded together rather then sewn.

So I am going to give my all at being an Olympic fan this year and root for the home team, swim suites and all. I suspect that my hand crafting is going to see a big increase as my guy and I sit in front of the tube.

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Sara said...

Very crafty Olympic ring creations!! I particularly like the roll of blue painter's tape, which is something I always have on hand too (love that stuff).