Friday, September 5, 2008

The Secrete Is Out: part II

On the last installment of secrete sewing project reveled I had picked out fabric, a pattern and discovered it was a pain to cut. I fully admit I walked away for quite awhile. But the thing about making something for an expectant mother is she keeps growing whether or not your project does. I was starting to feel some pressure as her due date came closer.
I finally buckled down and forced myself to work on it. One of the biggest problems was cutting out the squares because the plexi cutting square would skid mid cut. I consulted with my friend Mary and we brain-stormed a bunch of solutions'; the best trick I found was to put a small piece of double sided tape on the corners of the square between the square and the fabric. They offer just enough hold to keep things from skidding but don’t leave marks on the fabric.
This is also when I realized that some projects need other people around. I was having a lot of trouble working on it when I was alone. I even agreed to “watching” sports one day so my guy was hanging out with me while I sewed and cut squares. Fortunately, this is when my friend Amber started bringing her son by for crafting afternoons saving me from hours of baseball banter. This is also when I discovered that I had a fabric shortage and she suggested to Gee’s bend it. With much work I finished the top.
Choosing a border color and backing proved difficult. To the surprise of Kristy the magnificent sales clerk at city quilter I walked out with an arm full of potential borders and backs. I just couldn’t figure it out in the store.

Don’t my toes look cute? Boy I sure do miss looking down at two cute feet rather than a Darth Vader foot.

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