Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Secrete Sewing Project #1

This is all I can show you of secrete sewing project #1

It is for my most faithful reader whose Bun is due to come to come out of the oven any minute now.

This has been a year of big learning for me. I have had to learn to set limits and say uncle instead of gritting my teeth through whatever crazy thing I have found myself and I have had to learn to ask other for help. It turns out I hate asking for help, unless it is craft related help. Recently, I have had several experiences where I realize that crafting is almost always better with others.

I have been having some motivational issues with secrete sewing project #1. I have had the fabric since January and really it has all been washed and cut since February but it wasn’t until my friend Amber and her son started coming over for some crafting time that I actually started making progress. And it wasn’t until a fabric shortage prompted the words “why not Gees Bend it” that things got interesting.

Now for the record this is a really big growth moment in my crafting that I am sharing with you all. From that little picture you can see that there are some serious non matching seams going on, in the past this would not be something I could stand but today I sewed them purposely. I have always loved and admired the ease of the Gees Bend quilt, the beauty in the mismatch, yet the controlled perfectionist in me could never have let it happen. Maybe I thought that others wouldn’t see it as purposeful or maybe it always seemed like a glaring error that told all that I wasn’t perfect and maybe this is a discussion for another day in therapy. But today let us celebrate non perfection! I admit it is still controlled imperfection, artfully placed here and there but it is still a big step.

This will all make more sense in the next few weeks once I finish secrete sewing project #1 and get it mailed off and can reveal more. But until then lets all hear it for collective crafting and bending the rules every once and awhile.

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I am breathless with anticipation, me and my bun in the oven.

Makha, you are the BESTEST!