Thursday, October 30, 2008

Girl Needs a Hat

There is something in the New York City subway system that eats hats, I swear. Every year I make a couple and every year the train thirst for handmade hats grows. So it is really no surprise that when the weather changed and I went to look in my hat stash there was only one very sad store bought hat. So out came the stash. This is some of my favorite yarn of all time, mostly merino. I fell in love with mostly merino when I lived in Vermont and took a class with the owner Margaret. It has a lovely squishy feel and the colors are saturated without being heavy.
The good thing about hats is they are fast, so after my guy and I sat on the couch glued to our latest netflix obsession I had a hat. It is a simple top down rolled edge hat and it fits just right.

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Sara said...

I gotta seet this series, Pushing Daisies. I have a major crush on Lee Pace, you should netflix "Mrs. Pettigrew Lives for a Day" which is hilarious. And he was in one of the Capote movies, if I recall too. He's a hunk of burnin' love, imho.