Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Little Beasts Everywhere!

I know we all thought the beast was over and done with but like a bad horror movie it’s back…well the yarn is. You may remember I finished the beast awhile back and I finally managed to take a photo of it and in all it’s spender for you. I have been looking for something to make with all the little bits of yarn I had left over. I really love making granny squares but I have never really loved the way they look, but I thought maybe my aversion was that they are usually made in acrylic yarn in shades of lime green and pink. So I played with them a bit. It turns out I don’t like multicolored granny squares, and I don’t really like big granny squares. The solution mini granny squares! Maybe that makes them mommy squares.

I found I like them just fine if they are a little smaller (just two rounds) and one color. My plan is to make a whole bunch and then randomly sew them together. It was a perfect project for the plan because they let me take a crochet hook and all the yarn I could carry. I made a bunch more during the debate last night so I now have a pile of squares; of course I also have a pile of ends to be sewed in. I will keep you all posted on my progress.

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Sara said...

What a lovely pile of adorable squares!