Monday, January 12, 2009

Crafting Resolutions II

As I suspected I have many more unfinished projects hidden around the apartment then I first guessed. Perhaps it is because I am preparing to go back to work full time or maybe it is just the new year but I feel a real need to take stock in what I have begun. It feels a little like airing my dirty laundry but heck what are blogs for other than airing dirty laundry?
Before I tell you about all the goodies I found under my craft table and hidden in the dark recesses of the couch let us first remember what I have already confessed too:

1) Hunter's Quilt

2) Fingerless Gloves

3) Green Mittens

4) Modular Crochet Sweater

5) Costume Fused Bags

6) Brown Quilt (for me)

And now for all those new(ish) dirty secrets:

7) Gauze Shirt: I bought this wonderful light fabric to duplicate one of my all time favorite summer shirts that has been loved into almost three separate pieces.

8) Bunny Toy: I got one of those supper fun Japanese toy kits to make a bunny toy for one of my favorite buns, alas the all Japanese instructions were a little scary.

9) Yet Another Baby Sweater: I will be honest I can't even remember who this was going to be for, but fear not everyone seems to be pregnant or about to know who you are!

10) Placemats: my plan was a simple one, practice quilt binding in a smaller, less scary form by making placemats for a good friend who just got a new house. It turns out bindings really are scary.

11 & 12) Pillows: a: made from old silk ties, half finished; b: made from a stenciling mishap that could be saved.

13) Colonial Print Baby Quilt: this was started so long ago the kid is probably about to graduate from middle school but it is half finished and like I said earlier there are a lot of babies being born.

14) Loop-d-loop Sweater: I got on the ban wagon when the book came out and started one of the sweaters. It was the asymmetrical one, in brown- and truth be told I can't even remember where I left this one off, although I think I was pretty far along, of course I have since taken the needles out and I have no idea what size I originally used.

15) Green Bag Lady Project: Oy! I got all excited and had a whole bunch of fabric donated to help out the Green Bag Lady. I got other people excited and they helped too. But now I have a lot of half finished bags under my craft table, frankly it is just sad.

Dear God how is this list still going on!

16) Refinish Coffee Tables: this one might not be an unfinished project yet because I haven't gotten that far. We have these beat up little tables from Ikea that I have been planning on rehabbing for awhile now and gosh darn it I am going to do it this year!

Yup there is still more...

17) Baby Granny Square Project: I have no real idea what this is even going to be! It started off with me making a lot of baby granny squares with left over yarn from the Beast, and now, well it is kinda a beast in it's own right.

18) Knitting with Plastic Bags Tutorial: no you are not crazy there is only a part one of the knitting with plastic bags tutorial, what can I say there are clearly many other projects taking up my time here.

Alright that's it! I may have some more stashed away but this is really all I can admit to right now. I think it is clear that I may be a craft-o-holic but maybe not a finish-o-holic. But I am really going to try to finish these up before getting any other crazy ideas, I swear! Really, even if that yarn is really pretty and I am really loving machine quilting and...

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