Friday, January 9, 2009

Hunter's Quilt

This week has kinda slipped away from me. I can't believe this is the first time I am posting about Hunter's quilt in the making. I am actually working on one crafting resolution number 1: Hunter's quilt.
I actually got a good head start on this one when my sister was in town at the end of the summer. She has an amazing eye for color so any time I can get her to help me pick fabrics I do. It was perhaps our fastest fabric selection ever. In fact we picked the fabric so quickly that we felt like we needed to wander around the store for an extra half an hour just in case we were being hasty.
I am in love this this pattern even though it is one of the most persnickety quilt patterns in the universe. It requires very straight seam sewing and very precise cutting. No sleepy or distracted cutting allowed or these darn seams won't line up. This will be my third quilt in this pattern and I think I have finally got a good system down, sew several blocks then cut them one after another. I use double sided tape on the back of my plexi square to help keep it from skidding. I managed to sew 8 squares this week, actually ten but there were two casualties to sleepy cutting. I think another 10 or so and the top will be done.
I am thrilled with how well it is coming out. I increased the size of the center square (the yellow box in the middle) which is making the whole thing a lot easier.


Sara said...

Beautiful! Milo is asleep on your quilt as I type... he's sick and sloooow to recuperate. A quilt by Auntie Annika is just what this sleep deprived boy needed!

Tatiana said...

It looks great! I can't get over how well it is coming together!