Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sweet and simple.
I finished my postcard for the swap this weekend and it is traveling to the UK as we speak. I spent some time pondering this card, and actually I was going to go a totally different route with old metrocards as buildings. But something about a stitched postcard spoke to me. And after I received my lovely postcard I knew I needed to stitch it. My guy things it is pretty funny that my cards sentiment home sweet sewing machine is all hand stitched except the edge. I kinda like that about it.

Please don’t judge me for my embroidered script! Half way through stitching the back I realized that I have spent far too many years writing in block letters and can’t remember how to make that crazy extra loop for the r. I fear I have let my mother down- she has a drawer full of palmer penmanship awards.

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this is cool