Thursday, May 29, 2008

Proving Yet Again That I Can’t Resist Yarn

My guy and I headed upstate for the long weekend. We had a great time with good friends and good food. He cooked meat over fire, need I say more? We also took the opportunity to hit a good old fashioned church yard sale. We came close to buying a fondue pot but managed to think better of it. I, however, was seduced yet again by yarn. I try so hard to resist, but its siren call penetrates my heart every time. In my defense there was a tale of woe that went along with the yarn. It belonged to a weaver whose studio had burned down. She couldn’t afford to replace her loom and wanted the yarn to go to a good home. Now really, how I am suppose to hold up against that?

The yarn is mercerized cotton with a touch of rayon. It is just lovely and a good summer weight.

I thought it might make a lovely scarf. And the beast is so close to being finished that it really seems okay to start another large project, right?

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Sara said...

Lovely colors together -- and damn straight, with a story like that, you had to take that cuddly yarn home with you (just think of the lonely hours you are saving it from!) A moral imperative, buying that yarn; that's what I say.