Tuesday, May 20, 2008

How Long Is Long Enough?

I am a bit under the weather so last night I curled up on the couch to watch bad tv and I even managed to pull out the Beast for a little late night crocheting. Pulling the Beast out is a job in itself these days which brings me to today’s topic: how long is long enough? The Beast is now 5’6” x 4’8”, in other words a real beast. And as you can see it now pretty much fits on my full size bed.

Four plus years ago I fell prey to one of the all time craft ploys of taking on a very large project after just learning to crochet. As a knitter I have tisked my self half to death at beginner knitters biting off more then they can chew, but of course I thought I was different. And in all fairness I think I should get a round of applause for sticking to it this long. The big dilemma now is when do I stop? Having already fallen into craft ploy number one (working on very large project before knowing not too) I don’t want to fall into craft ploy number two: the Short Scarf Syndrome.
The Short Scarf Syndrome or SSS is when a beginner knitter or crocheter decides to make a scarf as their first project. After working very hard on it for quite some time they realize that scarves are very boring to knit and decide it is long enough, this results in folks wearing very short scarves that are obviously handmade and barely wrap around their necks. They tell their friends that they really like a shorter scarf but I guarantee that the next one they make is longer.

So when do I stop? I have enough yarn to do one more repeat of the pattern. Do I keep going until I am out of yarn or stop now? I know what you’re all thinking, “it’s crochet if it is too short go back later and add on”, well let me just make this clear, once all those ends are sewn in there will be no going back and making more ends, you hear me!


Sara said...

Here's my two cents: if it's already 5'6", why not do one more repeat of the pattern (which will add, what, 4 to 6 inches of length?), if only so that the whole thing more or less ends up being as tall as you are (all the better to burrito yourself up in, on a chilly night...) Congratulations, it looks gorgeous, and I'm totally impressed! It was a loooooong project, how satisfying to finish!


buzz said...

Yeesh, Last time I pulled the Beast out I got arrested ;)
kidding aside,this is a great blog.Keep going girly girl.