Monday, January 11, 2010

Baby Got a New I-pod for the Holidays

My super guy got me a brand new ipod for x-mass. I call her Bluebell, you know cause she is pretty and blue. She also hold 16 GB which means no more massive editing of albums. (For those of you who know my guy, I am pretty sure that I was given bluebell because he was tired of my music selection in the car)
Those clever folks at apple keep us crafters on our toes by always changing dimensions just enough so you have to rethink the whole case thing. I was planning on crocheting a new case but Bluebell is slightly rounded and has a wide screen which makes placing the cross ties hard. So it was time to get creative with a milk carton. This is just my first attempt, I have plans for bigger and better things. But for now it is two ply of milk carton sewn together with elastic to hold it in place. This won't last long because the position of the headphone jack makes it hard to keep it in place and have it the wheel accessible. But fear not more is to come. After all there is a three day weekend.

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