Sunday, January 24, 2010

Craft Face Lift

There is no shame in the fact that a lot of things in our daily lives need a little craft face lift. In fact my husband and I are thinking about moving into a lovely old Victorian apartment that will need a major craft face lift, if we do this blog may change a bit.
These days the word up-cycling is a over the place but really in my mothers day it was giving love to an otherwise ugly or old object.
And so in that spirit I gave a bit of a craft face lift to this lovely little box. Please excuse me for not remembering to take a picture of it's before but here it is after. I used odd paper I had around and plain white glue. My sister sent me some lovely scrapes years ago of paper from Japan. They were the scrapes from squaring handmade paper. I gave the whole thing a coat of clear water based varnish and here is the result!

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