Thursday, February 11, 2010

Packing Sucks

Sorry for no pictures today, I forgot the camera at home so you will all have to love me for my words alone.
We are now two weeks to moving which means our current apartment is pure chaos. In fact if I am honest it is amazing that my guy and I can find our way out of the apartment without those little stripes of light on the floor they have in case of emergency on airplanes. The other day I spent 10 minutes looking for my shoes with one of those horrifying moments where I was convinced I had packed them.
Yesterday i took a snow day and packed my little heart out. My guy came home early due to the ever increasing mass of snow and helped. We managed to put down a layer of primer to our lovely red kitchen cabinets in hopes that we will get our security deposit back.
Because nothing can be simple there is an extra kink in the plans: tomorrow I am getting all 4 of my wisdom teeth out. That's right, in the middle of a move I am getting major dental work done. This may explain the insanity I feel to have the bulk of the packing done before tomorrow. My lovely friend Michelle is coming over this weekend to babysit me, feed me pain killers and smoothies and watch Veronica Mars so that my guy and his friend can keep working on our new place. They are going to try to bang out the closet work so we actually have some place to put our clothing once we move.

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