Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Still Standing

Four teeth gone and I am still standing, I may be leaning a bit more but still upright. My lovely friend Michelle played tooth fairy to me and came over and took care of me post surgery while my guy worked on the apartment. It is all a bit hazy but I am confident saying Michelle rocks.
Somehow I managed to go to the new place yesterday and help tape the drywall that was put up. Taping while on pain killers is a very interesting experience. Not my best work but hey it is the closet- right? Please agree here because I need the affirmation of non perfection. We are in the home stretch at that place where we can't actually imagine being out of our old place and into the new in two weeks. We are dividing and conquering the work. My guy is making the new place livable while i am in charge of making the old place loose all charm and unlivable by packing everything.
I know somehow in two weeks we will move but it is really hard to imagine.

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