Thursday, February 7, 2013

Things that make me laugh

These days I take laughs where I can get um. Kitter...that would be cats that look like Hitler is one of those things.

I don't think I would sleep a wink if that was my cat, but he sure makes me giggle. of course the whole thing is even sillier because his name is snowball! what kind of undercover agent (clearly he is an undercover agent) is named snowball. maybe it is deep cover. Maybe I have been watching too much brit mit (British Mysteries).
I made it through all 17 seasons of midsommer murder last year when my mom was in the hospital. I don't think it feels right to watch with a new Barnaby. I also love the Inspector Lewis series, I never got into Lynle but give my insomnia time there may be hope. Of course I also watch all the Agatha Christie shows and have heated debates about the best Miss Marble, who is your favorite?
And then there is the new Sherlock and Foyle, oh how I love Foyle's War. I was clearly born in the wrong time. I think I would have done well with a victory garden and darning...well I wouldn't care for all those bombs.
Clearly we have sunk to a new leave of rambling. The northeast is due for a big storm tomorrow so made there will be lots of crafting. Here's hoping.

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KGEM said...

Love Foyle's War. It was my latest obsession until I finished it. There will be new episodes this summer. The Inspector Alleyn Mysteries is another that is set in the 1930's-40's and is good. British Mysteries are about all I watch these days. Right now I am watching Rosemary & Thyme. I like the Agatha Christie Mysteries but haven't watched enough have a favorite Miss Marple.