Saturday, February 2, 2013

This is a craft blog right?

Emotional turmoil aside this is a craft blog right? I have actually been crafting up a storm lately.I have had a lot of hurry up and wait time where my hands need something, plus I haven't been a great sleeper which has lead to a lot of late night knitting while watching British mysteries on netflix streaming.
My sister-in-law had a new wee one last summer. I tend not to make a lot of things for my husbands family partially because my mother-in-law is a retired quilting machine and the families cup runeth over. So when I make things I try to knit and crochet them. I made baby Kathryn a very sweet dress which I will share later. My sister-in-law doesn't sew or knit and I think she tends to be a bit overwhelmed by handmade gifts, but this time she whispered "can I make a request?" And really who is going to say no to someone that just gave birth 6 days prior.
She had found these booties on pintest and really liked them. It took me a bit to track them down but they are a Bev Galeskas patten that you can purchase through interweave or through the link on ravelry.
I think it is a decent patten but really could use a good copy editor. It is a bit hard to follow. Even though the skills needed are all basic the pattern is confusing enough that I wouldn't recommend it for a beginner unless they had someone skilled near to help them.
I felted them in the machine, I ran them through a hot wash 3 times although the first time they got trapped in a sheet so I am not sure if that one counts.

I was not all that excited to make these but I am quite pleased with how they turned out and I am really happy with the pictures I took this morning.

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KGEM said...

These are adorable! What british mysteries do you watch? That's mostly what I watch these days.