Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Big Blue Pillows

I confess my mind has been on plastic bags lately. I have been fusing up a storm and eying the plastic bags my neighbors have in the elevator. But I appreciate that until I do a little more with the bags they won’t make a good post. So I thought I would dip into this winters archive of craft projects for today’s post.

We have a pretty big living room with limited seating so whenever we have folks over someone ends up on the floor, usually my guy. It seemed only right to make him some cozy pillows.

So I covered some giant pillows from ikea. And because I am apparently somewhat insane I thought it would be a good idea to put invisible zippers in so that I could take the cases off and wash them.

Here is what I learned: if you are going to put invisible zippers into pillow cases they should be as long as one edge, or just about as long as the edge. If they are say 4” short on each side and the pillow is very big you will find yourself in one heck of a wrestling match. Needless to say, these pillow cases are never coming off.

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