Saturday, April 5, 2008

Rainy Day Crafting

I had kinda a hard rainy day yesterday. At first the best thing for the mean reds seemed to be laying in the dark watching my secret pleasure, How I Met Your Mother on DVD. And although Neil Patrick Harris did make things somewhat better, it became clear that some crafting was needed.

Rather then picking up some on going projects I tackled two very different projects. The thing they had in common: immediate gratification.

First Craftiness:

In some fit of being cooped up due to rain I wallpapered one of my bathroom walls in contact paper. Now I know this may sound very strange but you have to appreciate the truly crazy status of our very long and skinny bathroom. Not only can you touch the walls width wise without actually spreading your arms all the way but you can actually get dizzy if you spend too much time contemplating the odd pinkish mustard and black tile combination. I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out what color to paint the walls to make this situation better, only to succumb to being completely overwhelmed.

However, this contact paper somehow did the trick. A glue stick, exacto knife and two rolls did was all it took to make our bathroom have more of a homey feel. And as a special bonus, I think I finally figured out what color to paint the walls: a very pail nutty brown.

Second Craft Action:

We have an ever growing collection of bottle tops and wine corks. The wine corks I have a plan for (to be reveled later), but the bottle tops have stumped me up until today. I know they have good crafting potential but what, where, how?

I think I may have answered some of these questions: refrigerator magnets. I used a super strong adhesive and magnet to create these supper cute fridge magnets. The cork magnets are a little more decorative then useful. I tried to reuse the magnet that comes with the credit card junk mail. It wasn’t strong enough to do much once I cut it up. But they sure are cute and I do love cork.

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