Saturday, April 12, 2008

Last Minute Bat Mitzvah Flare

My guy and I are in the middle of April Event Madness. We have at least one event every weekend for the next several years; major events, dressy event, events we have to travel for. Why do all these things have to happen in such a short space of time? I was free most of February, even looking for a little fun, but alas no events in February.

Last night I had a minor dressing crisis as I tried to figure out what I should wear to a Long Island Bat Mitzvah. In order to really appreciate my frustration you must also appreciate that I have gotten quite used to my new uniform of old jeans and a t-shirt, I haven’t worn heals in months and I think I may be a better person for it.

After a call to my local Bat Mitzvah expert, my guy’s sister, I settled on a dress with a vintage suite jacket but something was missing. I needed a little color. Luckily my idea of a perfect Friday night is Thai food and whipping together a flower broach out of odd bits of material.

Here are the fruits of my evening; sorry this was the best photo I could get due to fog.

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