Thursday, April 24, 2008

Stripper Clothing

So it turns out I have spent the last several days making stripper clothing for my mother. Well at least it isn’t for me! The real story is my mother had shoulder surgery yesterday and she is going to have to keep from moving her shoulder for 6 weeks. This with other health stuff is going to be a challenge so Tim Gunn, the sewing machine, and I decided to try to modify some clothing that would allow her to dress herself.

So far I have three styles: long sleeve shirt with a zipper running up the arm, cap sleeve shirt with a zipper that completely separates the left side, and the stripper shirt.

The stripper shirt is my latest creation; it has Velcro that runs along the entire left side allowing easy disrobing. What can I say it amuses me to no end that I just made my mother break-away clothing. I’ll let you all know which she likes best.

And FYI she is doing pretty well post surgery. She is still in the hospital and in some pain but the surgery went well. She should be home this weekend.


mahka's guy said...

I think we need to change the settings on the camera to get the size of the pictures a little more manageable. It does show lots of detail though.

KGEM said...

Wow, those are cool. I think you could market them. There is actually a real need. About 10 years ago, my mother had surgery for torn rotator cuffs in each of her shoulders and really had a hard time finding anything to wear. This would have been great. It is unfortunate that her children can barely sew on buttons.