Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cake Craft

Well I wouldn't say it was a piece of cake, although really it wasn't too bad.  This is my practice birthday cake, no not my birthday but the birthday cake I will be bringing to a birthday gathering.
The simple vanilla yumminess (aka the cake base) was inspired by a angry chicken post and can be found here.  The icing came from smitten kitchen, do you all know her? cause if you don't you need to check her out now. Be warned that you will get very hungry reading her site! 
The icing is made with sour cream and chocolate.  Given the current state of affairs with egg recalls and my lack of wanting to deal with an egg based icing this seemed like a good choice but I wanted to check it out first.  It is lovely.  Not too sweet or tart and I used low fat sour cream (because that is what my guy bought when he went to the store) but you couldn't tell and I will use it from now on.
Confession time: the icing called for corn syrup.  And for the first time in my life I bought corn syrup.  I don't usually cook with stuff like that but as my dear friend Mary would say, well after she said "get over it", sometimes there are recipes that this stuff is meant for.  I think icing might be a good example and so there is now a bottle of corn syrup in my house.  It was the smallest one I could find but it is still huge and will be there for a very long time but I guess that is okay because the stuff lasts forever right?

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Sara said...

Deeeelish! You can just pop that in the mail and send it here, thank you.