Monday, September 27, 2010

Miss Chloe Turned One

The lovely miss Chloe turned one, well a few weeks ago but we celebrated yesterday. She was lucky enough to celebrate her first birthday with her Aunt who was celebrating her 50th or the 20th anniversary of her 30th birthday.
I was in charge of cake for the masses and because I am a wee bit insane and because I believe everyone deserves a kick-ass birthday cake of their very own there were two cakes. To be more accurate there was one big cake (vanilla with chocolate icing) and one wee cake and a lot of cupcakes (zucchini with cream cheese frosting).

In a moment of being really on top of craft-gift giving I made this dress for Miss Chloe, don't be too impressed poor Chloe is one of the quiltless ones. Oh the shame of having let a year go by and not made any quilt progress! But let's not dwell on that right now, let's be supper impressed with me for having finished something on time.

This is very loosely based on a Debbie bliss pattern. Why does she like seams so much?  I think she must be so high up in the craft world that she has someone whose entire job it is to sew all her seams up. Sadly I don't have such a person so I have to convert everything to the round or I will never complete anything. One day I will let you all see my pile of otherwise finished projects minus the seams sewn, but not today.  Today enjoy Miss Chloe and her lovely momma.


Proud Mommy of Chloe said...

You are pretty insane...but the cakes and cupcakes were amazing and Chloe LOVED her first birthday cake! She is going to look adorable in that dress. Thanks for being a fabulous and very crafty friend!

KGEM said...

mmmm, zucchini cake. I wish I could have been there for a cupcake (or three). The dress is adorable and I am sure that Miss Chloe will look great in it. Don't worry about all the things you haven't finished just be proud of the ones you have.

train anime said...

Thank you for the words of encouragement- if only the pile of half done projects wasn't soo big

Mahka Crafts said...

oh blogspot how I wish you would get rid of your gliches

Tatiana said...

When you are in charge of cake things get serious! This is quite a spread, and it all looks delicious.

I love the dress and I think life is too short to sew seams for most kids clothes--they outgrow em too fast.