Monday, September 13, 2010

One Year

Today is my one year anniversary.  Can you believe it?  Clearly I haven't been wearing my boggie shoes enough.
We had a bit of the "do we exchange gifts" debate and I sort of thought that something needed to happen to mark the year but nothing too serious, cause we aren't very serious when it comes to things like this, and nothing to big and elaborate cause that is not really us either.  So of course I turned to etsy.
Apparently the first anniversary is paper which was a least a place to start my search.  Since we moved last March my guy has become a bit of a farmer.  Well as much of a farmer as a city boy can be with a big back porch and plenty of squirrels to shake a fist at.  He is already talking about starting his seedlings for next summer which led me to this.

The gardening paper pot maker.  It is super cute and makes these great little pots out of recycled newspaper that you start seedlings in and can go straight into the garden once they are ready.

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