Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Some Goals

I have been trying to figure out how in the heck to fit in all the things I want/need to do into this crazy world of mine.  Between work and home and various projects it can be hard, oh and did I mention I am drinking less caffeine now?  Why am I drinking less caffeine now you ask: the simple answer is that I have been drinking way too much caffeine since birth, really I blame my father and his fancy oh so yummy coffee machine for this.  There was a brief 6 months when I went cold turkey but that is a distant memory.  So my goal right now is to drink one, that's right one cup a day.  After that morning "get your butt in gear girl" cup of coffee it is no more caffeine for me.  So far so good, although I do find my brain a wee bit fuzzy in the afternoon, at moments like you know now...
Anyway, I was telling you all about my attempt to fit everything into the mere 24 hours there is in a day.  And let me stop here and say I really have no clue how in the heck folks with kids do anything.  I have a very selfish list of things to cram into my day and I still can't.  But in an effort to keep trying to cram it all in I thought I would share it with you and then when you see me clearing not doing my best to accomplish these goals, or more likely trying to sneak an afternoon cup of joe you can yell at me, nicely.  And yes if you are going to yell at me do it sweetly after all I am trying to kick a caffeine habit here.
So here are the goals I have going on right now
  • Do a bit of apartment cleaning every day so you don't have to do it for a whole day later.  So I have been trying this out after reading something (sorry for the lack of article reference here I have no idea where) about doing small bits each day.  What I have been doing is spending the first 15 minutes that I walk into my apartment doing some piece of housework (full disclosure usually I pee first).  I vacuum, or do 15 minutes worth of dishes or sort the laundry or clean the bathtub.  So far so good I have a far cleaner apartment and far less angry long cleaning days.  The next trick is getting my guy to adopt this.
  • Project Make My Pants Fit (PMMPF)- somewhere along the way I gained some weight and now my pants don't fit.  Actually I know exactly when it happened but I shall not speak of this here, however, PMMPF is well underway which means the gym 4 times a week after work.  This may not seem crafty but if the gym thing doesn't work it means a lot of clothing altering later so you know it kinda fits.
  • Sew more stuff in general
  • Sew more clothing for me but because grown up clothing scares me a bit ease in with some kids stuff
  • Blog more- which unlike this post means take more pictures, which usually means during the day, AND download the darn things to the computer so that I BLOG MORE.  This should not be that hard and yet...
  • Start finishing up some of these lingering projects I have around the house- seriously
  • Do more crafting that scares me- ok so sew more stuff for me and really blog more fit here.  There are a ton of creative things that I am excited about but I don't know maybe I am waiting for the moons to align just right but I just can't quite get past my "ohh that looks fun but hard" phase to telling you all about the amazing thing I tried that didn't quite work.
  • Get my etsy shop back up- or stop beating myself up that it isn't
  • Make more stuff for good causes.  there are a ton of charities out there that I want to make stuff for and get all of you to make stuff for
So that is the list for now- oh and I should add don't drink coffee in the afternoon but I feel we have covered that


Sara said...

That is an intrepid list of goals, and I like every one of them -- I approve wholeheartedly! Of course I also strongly approve of letting yourself off the hook if it takes a wee bit longer to achieve those goals than you'd like. I'm deeply impressed with the 15-minutes of cleaning trick. Even I could do that. But what I'd really like to steal is the goal of doing crafting work that scares/intimidates me. That @+@#&!)!! height chart awaits...

Mahka Crafts said...

hmmm we need to tackle the chart together- too bad your not free to pop by for an afternoon this weekend :)