Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lovely Linen Napkins- for Lovely Folks

Two of my all time favorite folks got married this past summer: my good friend Callie and her now hubby Randy.  Callie is the Reverend of The Church of Craft so a community crafting project only seemed right.  Crafting superstars Mary, Molly and Katy joined me to make this delicious napkins. 

We made the napkins from a lovely natural color linen and embroidered the flowers.  I found an old plant identification guide at the library and copied a ton of pictures, we whittled the options down to four, so there are two napkins of each image.  We had some trouble with the photocopy transfer (this is were you iron a photocopy imagine onto fabric) I think the linen still had too much sizing in it despite having been washed.  We ended up doing a compilation of several techniques: photocopy transfers, transfer pencils, and hand drawing with an water soluble fabric maker.  In the end they turned out lovely but there was some grumbling along the way.
I think if I every manage to put together a craft book of my own it will be on community craft projects.  I love getting together with a group of friends to make something for someone special.  These things end up with lots more love in them and I love seeing how people can take the same project and do it differently.  No two napkins are alike, in fact I bet if I hadn't told you that there were two of each you would not have spotted it.

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