Monday, July 7, 2008

Baby Blitz

I suppose some of it is due to my age but it seems that everyone I know is either having a little one or trying to have a little one. This means I am making a lot of little things these days, which leads folks to believe that either I am having or trying to have a little one. To my mother’s great sighs this is not the case. But I admit I am very happy to be a fairy godmother to many.
The best thing about making things for little ones is speed. I love quick crafting accomplishments especially after battling with some bigger long term projects like the beast.
This sweater is from Last Minute Knitted Gifts which is for once living up to its title; I have put in less than 2 knitting days and I already have the bulk of the body done and have just started sleeve #1. It is going to be for a UK bun in the oven coming into the world around October (aren’t we very impressed at how ahead of the game I am on this one!).

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Sara said...

Lovely. Happy babies everywhere will be clothed by the dextrous hands of Makha, crafter extraordinaire. We mamas sure are lucky!