Friday, July 11, 2008

Quilting Mania

Things that are working in my favor:
1) First babies are often late

2) First time moms are so distracted by their baby that they don’t notice you haven’t sent the goods

3) Babies in California don’t really need baby quilts in the summer, if ever

Things that are not working in my favor:
1) I have never done a binding on a baby quilt before, I have always done a rolled edge
2) I keep sticking myself with all those pins and have to try not to bleed on quilt

3) The water in my building has been out all day due to street work. (true this doesn’t directly relate to my troubles but I feel a good shower would help a lot)

As of right now I have managed to do the crazy diagonal sewing to make one long strip, despite many miss-sews which I blame on the lack of water. I have managed to secure the very long strip to the quilt top AND not bleed on the quilt. I am now ready to sew the binding edge down. So here is the question for the day: do I drink before or after sewing the edge?


Sara said...

I vote for a drink both before and after -- think of it as drinking for those of us who are still not allowed. Really, please have an ice cold beer for me, since I want one more than words can say. California babies, by the way, are happy to get quilts anytime of year, but California babies also request that the quiltmaker please not drive herself crazy nor mangle her fingertips with pins. Oh, I saw a swell licence plate frame and thought of you immediately:

"Quilters are Piecemakers." Lovely!


Annie said...

Well, I have seen you drink and use power tools with success, so why not the sewing machine?
(finally got a google account!)

All your projects rock!