Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Oh Fickle Crafting

The quilt and I are currently not speaking. It is really for the best that it stays safely on top my sewing machine while I calm down and stop cursing. The problem is that while embracing Gees Bend for the blocks I am not so willing to do that for the finish. This was an exercise in controlled imperfection and right now it is not controlled. By having the entire blocks be a little more irregular the outer edge has become a bit irregular, doing a binding edge instead of a rolled over edge demands things line up, hence we are not speaking.

The good news is for the Last Minute Gift sweater which I finished when I needed to feel like a craft and I were getting along. Isn’t it cute!

All that is left is sewing in the ends, which I admit is not my favorite thing to do but given the fact that I can’t speak to the quilt right now sewing in ends sounds great.


Sara said...

I totally understand -- I'm not currently speaking to the unborn tadpole, in annoyance at his tardiness, so I think there is no need to rush the quilt. The little sweater is delicious! It gets cold in England, that little munchkin will be very cosy!


Mahka Crafts said...

I am pretty sure that your little tadpole is waiting for this quilt to get finished to be born. Why come into a world that has no personalized quilt? I will get on it so this little on can get on with it!

Tatiana said...

I want a picture with the ends sewn in--you can do it! It is, officially, supercute.