Monday, July 28, 2008

More Cow Bell!

My guy and I are back from a delicious week in upstate New York where many a project was finished. As you all know by now I hate finishing work…sewing in ends, fusing with bindings, blocking. I like the meat of the project; the planning and creating stage once that’s done the oomph goes out of my sail. I think part of my hopes in blogging about my projects was to encourage, okay obligate me to finish some stuff up.

With that in mind we set off for a relaxing week with my project bag overflowing with finishing work. I am happy to report that I sewed in all the ends to the little sweater and I FINISHED THAT DARN BABY QUILT. As predicted once I got serious about finishing that binding Sara’s little tadpole made his grand entrance! Congratulations he is beautiful!

Perhaps the best part about finishing any project is the finial triumphant moment: the ringing of the cow bell moment. And because our friend's Bill and Michelle are the type to have a cowbell in their house I was actually able to ring in my triumph in style.


Anonymous said...

Good job finishing the quilt! Welcome great. Glad you had a good time upstate it must be nice now!

Sara said...

Milo just wanted to really BELIEVE that the quilt was coming before he'd deign to make his appearance in the world -- luckily, Miss Makha got to work when she did! Milo will be so happy snuggling in his quilt when the nights start turning chilly.