Thursday, July 3, 2008

Now That the Cat is Out of the Bag

Now that the cat is out of the bag on secrete sewing project #1 I thought I would share the next level of indecision: quilt borders. Alright I just admitted it is a quilt but I think she already new that…
My problem with quilt borders is I can never really predict them before hand when I am buying fabric for the top. This means I either buy way too much fabric in the hope that one will reveal itself as the perfect border or I, as is the current case, don’t even try to think about it until the top is done.
Unfortunately the latter approach leads us to today level of indecision: five fabric potentials. In my defense (don’t you love how I always have one) I did whittle it down before the finial cut of five and one of those puppies is going to be the back so really I only have three extra fabrics and I think one may be the back for the next quilt I do. Oh the excuses.

The good news is I have a border and backing winner (to be revealed soon). The quilt now has borders and is nicely sandwich and pinned ready to quilt!

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Sara said...

Can't go wrong with any of those five! This just gets more exciting by the minute.