Saturday, July 19, 2008

Speaking Terms

I am happy to report that the quilt and I are now back on speaking terms. The little tadpole that this quilt is for has decided to make a late entrance into the world and I can’t help feeling responsible, I mean who wants to be born into a world without your very own quilt? So hear my words little guy it is ok to come out your quilt will be done very soon.
As with most things that frustrate me in life I needed a little break. I needed to walk away and not look at it for a bit so I could come back with a rational mind. I consulted with my sister on my next move, which in hindsight is pretty funny seeing how: A: she does not live here and can’t see the problem and B: has sewing skills but isn’t going teach a sewing class anytime soon. But her advice was based on the frantic tone in my voice on the message and her 32 years of experience with her crazy craft-o-holic sister, she said go back, make it square, and then move forward. As she pointed out I am always happier ripping out the sweater then living with the mistake for years to come. And the moment I heard her say it I knew she was right. I was filled with relief that I wasn’t going to have to try to make this work, that I was allowed to make it better.
So I ripped out the binding and then set about squaring it up. I am now sewing the binding on by hand which gives me a little more wiggle room when it comes to lining things up. Why is it that fixing funky crafting problems always comes down to sewing by hand?
My guy and I are taking off for a nice week alone in the country and I am pretty sure that when I return this quilt will be done! And with any luck the tadpole will be born.

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