Thursday, July 17, 2008

My First Monogram

My guys cousin is getting married this coming weekend and I have been trying to help out with all that last minute wedding stuff. I volunteered to make the programs, mostly cause it meant I could go to all my favorite paper shops in the city.

The mother of the bride requested a monogram at the top of the program. The only monograms I have ever made were when I went through a period in middle school where I wanted a cool logo from my initials, it never quite worked because G are hard to work with, but I digress.

My technology was holding me back so I went to the big tech guru, my dad. Yup, I know what you are thinking a father having more tech skills then his kid is impossible and all I have to say to that is not in my family, trust me. My dad loves computers of all kinds and he loves design programs even more. So I set off to make a monogram. After explaining what a monogram is to my father (if Frank Lloyd Wright or the Eames' didn’t do it he is pretty clueless, plus he has a pretty strong ability to ignore things existence that he doesn’t find esthetically pleasing) we were on our way.

He showed me some fancy photoshop layering moves that allowed us to move each letter individually. We spent quite a bit of time debating font and white space, in other words we had a blast! It was the perfect daddy daughter quality time.

After having the programs printed and cut I still had some paper left over. So I took the new monogram and made it into cards for the bride and groom. I think they are pretty neat. In fact I think they are so neat that I am thinking of revisiting the world of personal logo’s again.


Sara said...

Very, very cool! I think sitting around discussing the merits of font size and leading and kerning is one of the most fun ways to spend time, but then again I'm weird. Oh, and "SCB" by the way -- and probably "MRB" although that is still to be finally determined (no, just kidding, you are OFF THE HOOK for presents, for the spectacular baby pants alone!).


Mahka Crafts said...

monogram onsies???

Sara said...

Oh, the cuteness!!! (And the adorable preppiness!)